Semi-Biblical interpretation of The Fall of Man: Application to our modern world

Time for a little interpretive conjecture on the Holy Bible, along with an interesting twist which apparently is believed by members of the “Mystery Schools”. At times it will seem as though I am referring to things that have absolutely nothing to do with the concept of Adam and Eve, but try to bear with me. All of this is written with a comprehensive, semi-biblical perspective of how I interpret the world.

The famous fall of man and his withdrawal from the Garden of Eden is a very interesting tale from the book of Genesis. When God warns Adam and Eve to not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he was essentially warning man that he will die; of course, once they ate the fruit, their eyes became opened and they could JUDGE from good and evil. They lost their tender innocence and placed values on things, becoming burdened with sophisticated knowledge, which coincided with fear of uncertainties, and severed their pure and sensitive relationship to nature. Their days became numbered (Just like our days, for we will eventually die) AND THEY WERE CAST OUT OF THE Garden of Eden for obeying Lucifer (Satan, or both, whichever anybody prefers), who told them that they would be as Gods themselves if they ate the fruit of the tree. After falling into darkness, Adam and Eve then had to cover themselves with garments of animal skins, lest they be bitterly exposed to the elements now alienated from them. Now, it is important to remember that Lucifer (Old English Lucifer “Satan,” also “morning star,” from Latin Lucifer “morning star,” literally “light-bringing,” from lux (genitive lucis) “light”—online etymology dictionary was once an exceptionally beautiful angel of light, and he was cast down after his rebellion against God, which was promulgated in Heaven when he grew arrogant of his beauty and power. He was proud, foolhardy, and desired more power because of his previous accomplishments which filled his heart with vanity. For his unholy insurgency, he was then appointed to the worldly, non-spiritual realm of Earth, to be the ruler thereof, tempting man, all the while knowing that we of course have free choice. Now, it can then be said that we can witness in either the actions and/ or the rhetoric of many (not all, for there are some who are proactive and philanthropic) well-renowned and trusted public officials (Professors, Scientists, Company Managers, professional Political Leaders, Dictators, revolutionary leaders, professional psychologists, corporate CEOs, and of course, the intellectual elite) an almost visible tinge of great self-fulfilling pride as a result of their own socio-political or personal accomplishments. This pride, inherent to our human condition which probably nobody can escape, is pampered by the rewards and praising from the people who look on and are effected by their accomplishments. With this in mind, we can then, technically, view civilization, religion, and its renditions of human creativity and progress (Arts, Sciences, Music, Architecture, Great Metropolises, Great Empires, etc.) as Humankind branching off from God to form an empire according to HIS OWN understanding. So, in short, civilization is mankind’s conceitedness physically manifested in his desire to be God himself at the expense of his fellow man and of nature, from which he was so tragically disconnected. Just like Eve was tempted to become God like Lucifer told her along with Adam, we took the bait. This of course is done while simultaneously entrapping the entire conscience of human beings to believe they absolutely NEED MAN’S material provisions to keep them whole and sustained. In other words, our “progressing”, technologically enhanced societies have become the essential sole-provider of Human life and are pervasively and blasphemously recognized as such. As an attempt to be ever-more all-inclusive, I will try to point out the base, root flaws that have blackmailed our more modest and simple way of life that human beings have lived in for thousands of years before the industrial revolution:

  1. Although our ancestors certainly did not have the general lifespan like our contemporary generations have enjoyed and continue to experience, they grew up in a world where they knew they needed to stick together, all the while knowing the deadly uncertainties (Plagues, warring factions, raids) outside of the home. No entertainment and superficial excess existed on such a scale as today, and personal emotions with loved ones and friends made up an environment that was grounded with more cooperation and honor for survival more than competitiveness and disrespect that fuel the Capitalistic mentality of our workforce (I am not a socialist for pointing out a behavioral flaw of someone under Capitalism, for I do think we should be truly free and prosper under the ingenious rights and amendments of the constitution, but together, not against one-another in personal prejudice and violence).
  2. Even if existing under the rule of a feudal lord, king, or a sultan, families did their best to bear the fruits of their labor. Once this country was founded with a constitution that explicitly protected individual rights (excluding “three-fifths of all other persons” or slaves, which we know were considered property at that time), however, those who farmed and enjoyed a truly independent life (those who farmed THEMSELVES, not including slave-owners) prospered, eventually having the ability to create businesses from selling their produce to pursue brighter dreams. When i say “Bear the fruits of their labor”, I am referring to the agrarian way of living, which obviously differed dramatically from the modern industrial, corporate way of “earning” a living.
  3. It is important to realize that much of “our” land and civilization would not be our land and civilization today if it was not for the slave-based economy that was used by our Anglo-American predecessors and the conquest and genocide of the Native Americans who inhabited these lands for thousands of years before we even industrialized. We would also not have many of our southwestern states if it wasn’t for the war with Mexico, which would have turned out to be a conquest if it wasn’t for the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The industrial Revolution was great, no doubt, FOR THE EUROPEAN and Anglo-American colonial war machines. With an increased population and a better way to sustain it, more labor can be used to support a growing military to dominate perceived inferior people. Spain was practically the imperialism standard for the other European powers who would follow in her viscous footsteps. In fact, what were not normally taught in our grade schools and in our high schools is that Christopher Columbus, funded by himself, by the Spanish crown (Isabella Queen of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon) , and other sources set out to find an alternate water trade route to Asia, and by discovering instead the island which he called “Hispaniola” . This is the discovery that set in motion the greatest inter-continental migration of goods, livestock, and other necessities; Furthermore, Christopher Columbus’s expedition was the exploration medium through which later conquistador warriors would arrive and brutally conquer the native people of Mexico and later on, the Southwestern natives of North America. Portugal was also a significant power to initiate the beginnings of the slave trade. Her colonization of north eastern South America eventually led to the formation of Brazil and Brazil’s large dark-skinned population attests for their adept experience in using slaves. England by herself colonized the eastern seaboard of North America, India, most of Africa, much of east Asia, and the parts of the Caribbean. France left her mark on much of south-east Asia (most recognizable would be Vietnam). The then developing United States colonized Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Panama. The worst factor which went along almost hand-in-hand with the excuses for the atrocities which paralleled conquest and colonization was the idea that God was with them. “It is God’s will for us to take this rightful inheritance!”
  4. As I pointed out in example paragraph 1, the industrial/ military complex is what makes up the society that surrounds us and indoctrinates us from the time we can even breathe oxygen out of our mother’s womb. While we are living under the roof of our parents, we are subjected to their brand of discipline, their dictates on playtime, speaking, and concepts of respect-right and wrong. We are essentially reinforced and environmentally fixated to believe what our parents and immediate family members choose for us to believe. Once we go off to school, what we are taught in the house may sometimes be challenged, and we are also exposed to more ideas of right and wrong from new authority figures called teachers, “administrators”, principals, and “campus supervisors”. We may feel as though we are becoming more sophisticated, but it is anything but that. Since I look at the idea and the word sophisticated itself as a result of determined free-thinking from being exposed to different environments and ideas, our younger years represent the exact opposite of free-thinking. This is because our beliefs our purposefully induced, not necessarily for the sake of control by itself but mainly to keep a sense of “Everything is fine” — an environment where the less people question and do “different” things, the more safe and comfortable everyone is. Nobody has to take a risk, or put themselves at potential personal detriment to find the answers or the REAL truth of the matter, so you are a safe child. Once we go off into junior high school and eventually high school, we learn that most people generally speak and act so as to impress each other, for we now also find out the competitive nature of ourselves. We are young, full of the beginnings of youthful energy and hormones, and our household and limited personal experiences outside of the household womb leave us all at different points of view. We are all starting to question things to the best of our pre-teen and teenage ability. Once we leave our high school and household, like I have very recently done, we are then exposed to the socially and economically contentious philosophies and attitudes of all kinds of different folk. These are our prime years, where the vast majority of us wish to compete in finding the right girl, and in doing so impressing our peers who are generally doing the same thing. We put almost ridiculous emphasis on “Respect” which is by-itself a word that can have ANY subjective interpretation from anybody, and of course, most importantly, we wish to become independent and leave mother and father.
  5. In today’s information age, where knowledge and technology rule, we have encountered issues, predominantly caused by mankind’s creation and life-provision representation: MONEY. My first example of this is the “Pro-life, Pro-choice” issue. The primary reason why this issue exists is to divide people over an agonizing moral dilemma over abortion, and also the fact that a child being born into our society means more money is required to sustain that child is just an inevitable outcome. When you create an entire socioeconomic system that revolves around the well-being of the market economy exclusively, then you have automatically ruled out any moral need to take into consideration the well-being of the human beings which are born into that system. The quality of individual human life is measured in the form of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and economic statistics rather than on statistics conducted on the social and political factors that influence the domestic issues in society. Instead of directly benefiting from the soil of mother earth and sustaining ourselves, we are born into a society where mankind’s institutions determine what we will learn, where mankind’s industry in the form of all-encompassing companies/ corporations supply our processed and packaged (Genetically altered to feed the large populations) food, where we need to lay our lives and undivided trust in the hands of insurance companies, professional and well-paid surgeons, chiropractors, and Professional and well-trained psychiatrists, and psychologists (My uncle is a Psychologist and he is a nice individual, so I’ll exclude him from this). What is ironic is that we would not need ANY of these services if we simply thought and lived in a cooperative, loving, and healthy way of life instead of an artificially-induced, psychologically impairing, impersonal, soulless, jealous, and socially-paralyzing existence. From a biblical perspective, one can look at this as a result of mankind’s own self-destruction for his incredible innate arrogance, whose ever-growing wickedness will excite the wrath of God. This is a system where the more children you have, the more money you have to make in order to support them. Children, for this reason, are not a blessing as much as a personal and financial hindrance, which may have at least a slight contribution to much of the child contempt and child abuse that exists in our country. This is also why abortion exists at such a common degree. Because of the typical violent and irrational attitudes of many men, rape leaves women with unwanted children, and because of lack of self-restraint and any idea of personal responsibility, you have unwanted love-children. I do agree that we have no right to control a woman’s decision to do what she desires with her own body, but if one does not have the financial resources (Specified currency, created by man for man, who is a flawed being) to provide for an unwanted child, especially if the child is a child of rape, that child is very likely going to be “aborted” or murdered for the sake of the fear and ideas of the inability to provide by the woman. I DO NOT align myself with the label of “Pro Life”, or “Pro Choice” but I do, however, believe that once the sperm cells fertilize the egg, even though it is not a thinking or full-developed human, it is still a primitive living being that has started developing in the uterus of the mother, therefore to abort it can technically be considered murder. It’s not necessarily the woman’s fault whether or not she decided to “abort” the child, although the word “abort” gives better piece of mind than the word “murder” and helps rationalize the act through language. Human life is reduced to a dollar symbol in modern culture, and that is one way to convince somebody who is hysterical and does not want a child to “abort” or exterminate the life form to keep the sanity and integrity of the parent. I know that many of the readers of this essay who adore euphemistic language (Abort, Neutralize) and knowledge of childbirth will try to the best of their abilities to tell me or themselves that I do not know anything I am saying and that the life form is an unconscious being that has no fully human conscience. In short, if you place your faith in man and his deviant creation, you will completely support abortion and rationalize its absolute importance for the psychological and financial well-being of the parent, especially if the child aborted is through the tragic circumstance of rape. Anybody who labels themselves as a “Pro-choice” advocate will try to fit me in their own minds as a “Pro-Lifer” and compare me to actual conservative “Pro-Lifers” which I am not and never will consider myself. My stance is for the life of the child, even if it is a child of rape, because if anybody TRULY had a heart for another living being, they would care more about the child than their own financial interest and probably even their sanity. If, after all, you TRULY did the right things and loved other people and believed in God or some higher power than man, you probably wouldn’t even care so much about not being sane or financially able to take care of the unwanted child. This is why those who are dependent on government safety-net programs like welfare and the distribution like food-stamps is so common, for they are enticing and to an extent discouraging of true independence. It promotes social irresponsibility and uncontrolled sex indirectly by providing a “way out” from suffering.

All of the issues in 1-6 are hopefully a better understanding of the use of rationalization and self-interest to create many of the issues and conditions of the way we usually think and act, as well as our society at large. Immorality and hedonism is the new reasoning of our “Yes, we can” generation it seems, while anything promoting tender love, patience, and cooperation is considered “conservative” ,“old-fashioned”, or unrealistic not fit for the supposedly progressing society that is on the horizon as we move closer to a more integrated world community. Our national values have become international values of narrow popular opinion spewed out like a tub of excrement over the internet and the minds of the youth.

What choice do we, the posterity born into this kind of world, have if this is what we were raised in? Well, a purpose and a recognition of our freedom of choice and thought might do the trick, but the breaking of our apparent subservient mentality must be broken by our own will. We seem to worship great works of art, architecture, and yes, even our prized musical artists and political leaders as great indispensable beings of perfection, when in reality we only find earthly, temporal feelings of satisfaction based on non-sacred goals of self-fulfillment, which we often rationalize in our own minds to make the world think that we are always in the right by covering the true intent with a “greater good” veil made to excuse our position as necessity. We must accept that we are imperfect, lustful, iniquitous, and chaotic beings of flesh and blood, who need God, and can indeed feel love and true happiness if we simply recognized our inescapable nature, and repent for our crimes, grievances, hatreds, and mistrusts of our fellow man. Heaven can be partly reached on Earth even as we suffer in the flesh, and if we drop our closed-minded, socially-induced prejudices and anxious mistrusts of others which we extenuate to prove our supposedly infallible positions by means of our verbal and intellectual prowess, we can then really find God. I could only have come to this conclusion after reading about the ministries of Jesus, pondering the various interpretations of his teachings (Parables and warnings against the false teachers) along with my own, taking deep notice of the Ten Commandments, and hearing the Anti-biblical and Humanistic-exalting philosophies, such as the “Luciferian Philosophy”.

The following are not my beliefs that I hold; the preceding paragraphs, however, contain my beliefs. The succeeding paragraphs are typed out to give the reader yet another deeply elaborate interpretation of the beginning of mankind, this time through the eyes of Humanistic Luciferians. I will also attempt to give the reader an acute understanding of the overall goals and history of secret societies, principally including retained information from external sources.

Now it is time for the profound ideas which I have been exposed to by a public speaker and a few excellently-written Occultist books I have read on Freemasonry (OCCULT 1530s, “secret, not divulged,” from Middle French occulte and directly from Latin occultus “hidden, concealed, secret,” past participle of occulere “cover over, conceal,” from ob “over”). One philosophy, in particular, first disseminated to me from a public speech by Milton William Cooper, is known as the Luciferian philosophy, and it contains an evidently parallel description of mankind’s beginning, except in one respect: Lucifer is exalted as the primary entity of helpfulness of mankind, while God is the oppressive entity forcing ignorance upon humans, prohibiting man from progressing to his own God-hood. According to the general teachings of this brand of metaphysical comprehension, Mankind once existed, long ago, in a “Golden Age” where he was just as intelligent as any other simple animal of the earth. He lived in harmony, until one day, he learned how to use basic weapons (a wooden club) and how to kill animals to expand the variety of nutrients to his diet. Along with these occurrences mankind recognized that there was no greater enemy, even that of his now competitive fellow man, than darkness. He did not have fire at this early, primeval stage of evolutionary existence, so he was an easy and succulent target for the viscous and powerful beasts that stalked him in the darkness of night. It wasn’t until that great instant when mankind first learned and was exposed to fire! The Sun, before fire was discovered, was unsurprisingly worshiped as the warm, life-giving object of God’s power. Since it saved man from the violent and terrifying uncertainties of the dark of night, the first recognized religion in history, Sun worship, was born. Fire can be symbolically represented as Prometheus, or Lucifer. Lucifer, after all, is the Fallen Angel of light, while Prometheus, his virtual Greek Mythological counterpart, was the Titan who stole fire from Olympus to aid mankind against Zeus. The sun can also be representative of the resurrected young Horus, who came to avenge his father, Osiris, who was killed by Typhon. If it wasn’t for the discovery of fire, mankind would NOT have civilization Without heat to smelt, to forge weapons and armor, to provide light to see one’s surroundings, to provide heat to survive in freezing conditions, and heat to cook food, humans would not be living in the way in which we do today, if even at all. Followers of these Mystery Religions (also known as “Mystery Babylon” in the New Testament) did not, in case you assumed, actually believe in any devil or God, for they were a strictly humanistic, perfectionist Utopian-minded group of adepts and initiates. They used Lucifer to represent the supremacy of Humankind’s enLIGHTenment and the power of our adaptive minds, for Lucifer the great Angel of light bestowed upon the Human race the GIFT OF INTELLECT. This signified the beginning of man’s great quest. God is considered a halt to human progress and thus a hindrance upon the new Utopian world in which the Adepts, or top of the rung of all of these societies collectively, want to create. God must be aborted from the womb of human thought in order to bring about their New World, or resurrected Atlantis, which is why Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are the three major threats to these people. The following paragraph will tell you WHY.

It is very important to understand that the three greatest enemies of Freemasonry and of all other historically recorded occult organizations (Who basically conform to this doctrine) are the mob, the Church, and the State. According to a very prolific occult writer and 33rd degree freemason of the Scottish rite, Manly P Hall, “When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into an illuminated faith, and fear into love.” For most of recorded history, especially since the formation of the early Christian church, occultist organizations have faced severe persecution for their multicultural pagan beliefs and intricate rituals which symbolically represented profound concepts and secret truths of life. That which did not politically or religiously conform, was that which was utterly destroyed (Tortured and condemned to death) by the mass of followers of a religion (mob), the religious leaders themselves (Church), and of course, the royal and official leaders of the government (State) working in concert with the church, through their brutal domestic enforcers. Now you can understand why the “GREAT WORK” or the true meaning of “THE CRAFT” is to create a world in which the Adepts of these societies, those who have reached the most honored illuminated pinnacle possible of the organization’s totem pole want to completely control all three of their old enemies who have previously persecuted them, which caused them to go into hiding and place a cloak of esoteric and exoteric meanings concerning their teachings. But to have control of all three of their enemies, they must first destroy their foundation through subversion and complex mass mental trickery. Collectively, all of these supposed wise men are called, as most of our present youth hear through their music and media from time to time, the “ILLUMINATI”, or the illumined ones. They are supposed to be the “Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages”. WE ARE THE MOB (Ignorance). OUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ARE A DISGRACE TO THEM, THEREFORE WE ALSO REPRESENT THE CHURCH (Superstition). FINALLY, WE ARE CONNECTED TO THE STATE (Fear), or in our case DEMOCRACY, WHICH TO THEM IS A STATE (Fear) RUNNED BY THE UNILLUMINATED MOB (Ignorance); therefore, it is necessary to the ones who really rule the planet that Democracy and sovereign rights be completely destroyed. All religions, especially those that promote collective morals and right-doing, love and respect among mankind, are a threat to them. This also may be the reason why all of the three major religions and those who follow these religions are being persecuted or divided. For example, the creation of groups like ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or Syria) consolidate the need for action by people in the west who perceive Muslims through a narrow lens of televised and radio-propagated information. This creates overwhelming domestic support to kill those who are causing trouble, sometimes even if it means killing innocent Muslims. If you pervert the image of Religion and create gigantic, horrendous issues that causes hysteria and connect it to that religion through war and fear, eventually, you will pervert that religion so much it will collapse in on itself, effectively achieving your goal. If you lullaby a public while the public becomes apathetic and dependent, you then can proceed to enact tyrannical policies which inhibit the very sacred freedoms that the careless public has forgotten as each generation has passed. Then you can truly control the mob, the church, and the state.

The oldest battle in the history of the human race is between two forces: Those of Good and those of Evil. It is between those who have morals, fear God, love their neighbor and repent for their sins, and those who believe they are truly human Gods themselves while morals are superstitious. In the midst of all of this, man has his free will given to him by God, for God is caring and long suffering for ALL human beings, both wicked and righteous.

All of the interpretive information I have publicized is primarily from external sources of inspiration and truth. I recommend that those who have had the patience to read all of this and truly understand it watch the following videos and read the following books:

  1.       William Cooper- Porterville presentations-YOUTUBE
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  3.       “Behold A Pale Horse”-William Cooper-BOOK
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  5.       “The Secret Destiny of America”-Manly P. Hall-BOOK
  6.       Read about the “Luciferian Philosophy”
  7.       The Holy Bible-Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Book of Revelation, and Book of Genesis
  8.       “The Secret Teachings of All Ages’-Manly P. Hall-BOOK
  9. Zeitgeist-All Zeitgeist films